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Friday, 7 February 2014

Yucky period pains!

Having suffered miserable period pains for around 37 years .... Ouch .... I was very young starting :) I can't believe there hasn't been a pain killer that works!!  Also what goes with this comes mental health problems.... Yes mood swings and worse .... Anxiety, panic attacks, been there!!  The depths of  unwanted feelings that comes with it and then ... All this pain and hell when you try to get pregnant .. You can't and don't !!!!!  What's that all about!!!

Life is very cruel, but in latter years now, I really want to investigate/research these issues as when ever I have been investigated ... Nothing, don't know why!!  Oh but the best thing is being told by a female doctor "well you have two choices, a hysterectomy or these tablets" ... Well on shock of the advice I chose the tablets, but when I actually read the back of the box of which were usually prescribed to people who suffered from rheumatism which had awful side affects!!!  They went straight in the bin, I was evil.. Oops mood swings!!

Obviously if I had been fortunate to have just one child I could have chosen the pill or coil to avoid such painful periods!!  Anyway got this one off my chest, and yes it's time of the month for me!! Grrrrrr.....

Anyone else want to share anything?????

Enjoy your weekend!

Ruth xx

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  1. I hate to hear of you suffering so much, call me, there is help out there whether or not it is from me or others I can recommend :-) Jennie