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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Raising awareness for Gloucestershire isolated people suffering infertility & abuse

I met a lovely and amazing women yesterday .. Leann Huntley This is her story:-

We are going to work together to raise awareness for both our charities in Gloucestershire.  Let's do it Leann!  So Inspiring to meet "like" people.

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Would love to hear from anybody in the Gloucestershire area who would like to donate blogging lessons? 

Rampant Liverpool!

Cardiff 3 Liverpool 6

what a game!!  I hope Cardiff don't get relegated though... Love the City of Cardiff and have lovely welsh cousins there; spent lots of school holidays there so have fond memories.

PLEASE Liverpool win the Premiership it's now or never!  Suarez and Sturridge on fire :)))))


Friday, 14 March 2014

The pleasure of approaching menopause... Not!

Another dose of heavy periods ..yuck!  Just read this

Going to try some high dose natural vitamin A cod liver oil, apparently works to reduce heavy periods!  Beats surgery!

Will keep you posted of progress. :)