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Monday, 5 May 2014

Have my Liverpool blown it!

Well it's down to Man City to make mistakes, lose or draw would be brilliant!  Please :))

But hey Liverpool had it in the bag at 3-0 then ...aghhhh Palace score 3!!  Defence leaves a lot to be desired, however scored loads of goals!!

Well over to Word Press now after the lovely Jacqui Malpass has kindly set up a domain for me


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Four poignant stories in one Daily Mail newspaper

Reading the 31st March 2014 edition of the Daily Mail left me feeling melancholy and deep in thoughts for all sorts of reasons?

The front page headline leapt out at me about more and more women over 50 having babies... Thinking "phew they're lucky to get pregnant at that age"' then reading in saw they were IVF cases where women sought help abroad!  Even one women giving birth to twins at 61.  Hmmm  a morally tough subject... As most of these women appeared to be without the "father", choosing sperm donor options.   I often think what will that child think and react like when older, but hey each to their own. Who am I to judge?  I did know my dad until he left and remarried when I was 12, never seen him again unfortunately ... His choice.

Then reading the next headline that the beautiful kate O'Mara died on Mothers' Day.  Although she blessed with children her story ended with tradgey.

Then there is the adoption story above, how we are dealt such diverse circumstances...

We each suffer many different types of bereavement ... The things we never quite had, have and lose!

Your thoughts?  Xx

Long time no blog!

Am working on my mission statement and constitution .... Gosh it's hard to put down words you have in your head, but won't quite spill onto paper!  Blockage ... May be it's lack of confidence in self belief of my own words?  What will people say or think?

I need my guardian me please xxxx

I am now in the throws of opening the charity account, wow how complicated is this ... You can't open a  registered charity account until you have a turnover of  £5k.. Oh jeepers!

So phoned my friends at DotComUnity Credit Union in Bournemouth who sent me an unincorporated organisation account application form...  By the way I like to support community and charities like credit unions, where the computer doesn't say NO and people are treated like individual human beings!  Please support credit unions and not greedy banks!  I should know I worked many years for one, greedy!  This will at least get me started.

On my research today I came across this.. Interesting!

Ok time to fight isolation and create a community for involuntary childless people. Xxxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Raising awareness for Gloucestershire isolated people suffering infertility & abuse

I met a lovely and amazing women yesterday .. Leann Huntley This is her story:-

We are going to work together to raise awareness for both our charities in Gloucestershire.  Let's do it Leann!  So Inspiring to meet "like" people.

Follow Leann on Twitter

Would love to hear from anybody in the Gloucestershire area who would like to donate blogging lessons? 

Rampant Liverpool!

Cardiff 3 Liverpool 6

what a game!!  I hope Cardiff don't get relegated though... Love the City of Cardiff and have lovely welsh cousins there; spent lots of school holidays there so have fond memories.

PLEASE Liverpool win the Premiership it's now or never!  Suarez and Sturridge on fire :)))))


Friday, 14 March 2014

The pleasure of approaching menopause... Not!

Another dose of heavy periods ..yuck!  Just read this

Going to try some high dose natural vitamin A cod liver oil, apparently works to reduce heavy periods!  Beats surgery!

Will keep you posted of progress. :)