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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Long time no blog!

Am working on my mission statement and constitution .... Gosh it's hard to put down words you have in your head, but won't quite spill onto paper!  Blockage ... May be it's lack of confidence in self belief of my own words?  What will people say or think?

I need my guardian me please xxxx

I am now in the throws of opening the charity account, wow how complicated is this ... You can't open a  registered charity account until you have a turnover of  £5k.. Oh jeepers!

So phoned my friends at DotComUnity Credit Union in Bournemouth who sent me an unincorporated organisation account application form...  By the way I like to support community and charities like credit unions, where the computer doesn't say NO and people are treated like individual human beings!  Please support credit unions and not greedy banks!  I should know I worked many years for one, greedy!  This will at least get me started.

On my research today I came across this.. Interesting!

Ok time to fight isolation and create a community for involuntary childless people. Xxxx

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