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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The magic of networking!

I met a lovely lady Virginia Stourton who with her business partner David have formed a business coaching network in Cirencester who meet monthly.

Really worth a visit if this is your area?  Thank you Narjas for the introduction... Narjas by the way is a great graphic designer .. +Narjas Carrington-Windo 

Anyway I asked virginia who has been a very successful business woman as an Interior Designer and shocked us by announcing she was 12 years off being 90 is now sharing her wealth of experience with others.  I wanted to know what she thought of my charity name "The Egg and the Sperm" and explained what support I was offering.

I told my story of unfortunately not having children, had 3 lots of IVF and a miscarriage and realise now I won't have children.  She was so lovely and positive in her response and even phoned me yesterday after thinking and worrying about me over the weekend that I must be positive and accept my fate.

She encouraged me to go ahead and research into setting up my charity to support ANYBODY trying to conceive, IVF, afterwards, and so on.. Anybody meaning a couple, an individual, family members etc.

I was so touched by this, as I do love to give, but it's so nice when somebody gives back, and she has said I can contact her any time.  


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